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Spent the past day learning a bit more about illustrator and testing my AE knowledge by animating this title intro for my sister and her husband's wedding video. Took about an hour and a half with renders, awaiting feedback, and restarting AE the few times it crashed on me. Without offsetting all of the animations to make it look like the flowers "grow" I probably could have gotten it done in less than 30 minutes.

Overally I really like how it came out :) I totally recognize the importance of being organized and prepped from AI because it makes your workflow way faster. Instead of going from Layer 1 and the next element you need to access being Layer 45, it'd definitely be nice to have it streamlined and have the layers right next to each other. Or at least labeled! But hey, slow progress is still progress! Now I sort of want to buy myself a tablet and get all up in Illustrator and tackle that learning curve. I always shy'd away from it a bit because it's different enough from PS to not be able to be super comfortable right away. But with how much it streamlined my AE workflow, I can't ignore it anymore. Also, everyone can always use more vectors anyways! ;)


Posted on 2017.03.10 at 20:48
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My sister got me a book for Christmas that I recommend everyone reads. It's called The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles written by Steven Pressfield.
It's amazing.
A standout quote:
"Resistance is the most toxic force on the planet. It is the root of more unhappiness than poverty, disease, and erectile dysfunction. To yield to Resistance deforms our spirit. It stunts us and makes us less than we are and were born to be. If you believe in God (and I do) you must declare Resistance evil, for it prevents us from achieving the life God intended when He endowed each of us with our own unique genius."
In a nutshell, "Resistance" is defined as anything that prevents us from doing what we imagine ourselves doing, what we want to be doing. Anything that makes us not dance when we're dancers, not sing when we want to sing, not act when we want to be actors, not write when we want to write novels, not paint when we are artists, not edit/go out and shoot when we are photographers or filmmakers.
Take some time and think about everyone who has encouraged us and seen us in our own individual art forms. Take time to think of the world renowned talent we have around us that truly see something in us. Then think, what is stopping us? Resistance. That force is what makes procrastination so addicting, so appealing. It's what makes us say "well, just one more episode" when we're watching Netflix.
This book talks about how to fight the Resistance we all struggle against every day.
It highlights the difference between someone who wants to be an artist and someone who IS an artist.
I think this is applicable to any and all artists.

Please, if you have $15 (it costs $13) to spare, consider purchasing and reading the book instead of buying a smoothie or grabbing boba tea/coffee/whatever it is that we spend our money on.
Investment in ourselves is not just studying, it's not just practicing, it's not just witnessing other peoples' art and being inspired, but also training our minds to be in the mindset of an artist.


Posted on 2016.06.21 at 23:04

People tend not to realize how differently they treat others based on how talented they perceive them to be.

On more than a couple instances, I've been bullied and abused based on this. It's a terrible feeling, and honestly in the moment I felt so stripped of confidence that I didn't even know what was happening. I spiraled down so much that my responsibilities were slipping and my relationships with family and friends suffered. I allowed myself to be defined by how I was treated. I thought, "If that many people see me in this way, it must be true."

I've also caught myself being on the bully-ing end in the past, and I've been making a conscious effort to change it. Sometimes what seems like a joke to us can ruin someone else's day. I'm constantly disgusted whenever I see these kinds of things. What makes you treat one person warmly and another person coldly? Why is someone who is talented or "of value" to you "worth" being friendly to or "worth your time."

The implication of this is horrendous. Seriously!

Like, it's literally this:

"You are not talented enough, therefore you are not worth my time (because I'm more talented than you are, so you are beneath me)."

And most of these impressions we get of other people is from observing them (if you can call it that) for all of ten seconds. Honestly, everyone has so much to offer, if you are ready to be patient and look for it.

To My Fellow Artists..

Posted on 2016.06.10 at 09:38

Been thinking about this for a while...

I wonder if, because social media is so over saturated with photos and videos, that is what clouds peoples' vision when posting visual content that's not ours. And then the effort it takes to even crop out a logo on top of not crediting the photographer is just adding insult to injury. It's not like this is a recent thing - it's been happening forever.

We as artists are a victim of this, and the worst thing is that most people don't even think twice about it because they have no idea about the effect it has on us. The effect it has on our livelihood.

The problem though is that a ton of us end up doing this to each other. I see so many of my fellow artists who demand credit and respect for their creations and ideas fail to credit and continue to crop out logos? Take songs without permission and forget to mention where you got it from? Or lowball a performer, but you definitely have to pay your judge their day rate because they're worth it (and the performer can just get exposure anyways). Or forget to budget for your model because "you can just use it in your portfolio" or they never asked for it.

What makes a photographer, filmmaker, artist, singer, DJ, dancer, etc. etc. so different from one another? To the point that people think it's okay to take a photo or video someone shot and not credit, but you can't take someone's choreography and not credit because that would be biting?

Guys, just so you know, all arts should be treated equally - no one form is higher than another. They're all just different avenues we use to communicate. As such, we should treat each art form with respect. (because ‪#‎ArtHasNoForm‬)

1) credit the ish you take. (especially if you claim to be a photographer, how can you not credit a photo lol)
2) if you expect to be paid and treated as a professional, treat everyone you're working with the same way
3) If we don't support each other, who will?

Hello everyone, long time no see!

It's been insane getting ready to graduate from college. I'm having the biggest nostalgia trip right now, too! Going on a w-inds. listening spree. ♥

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you guys that I just released my official website to the public! Check it out at www.byvianca.com and have a look at some of my newer work.

I also joined a subbing team on Viki for the currently airing J-drama, Doctor's Affairs. I think it's awesome that they have the rights to air the show and that they allow fans to sub the episodes. Looking forward to finding my passion for culture and just art in general all over again. I'm fired up! Let's goooo!

Long time no see!

Posted on 2013.07.28 at 12:22
Hey guys!

How is everyone? I know it's been ages since I've posted. It's really mostly because I couldn't get LJ to work on my phone -- how depressing :(

Anyways, I'm making a film! You guys should go "like" it! It's my directorial debut, so any support would be suuuuper appreciated <3


Thanks all!

♡ Vi

My First Composite!

Posted on 2012.12.11 at 23:33
I've been working on this for the past week or so. There are a lot of mistakes in it, but this is my current draft of my Compositing class final! I will most likely go and rework some things about it after my finals are all done. It's a concept I'd like to explore with and use with different movements.


Posted on 2012.12.08 at 17:44
I need a break from this project, so I figured I'd post something, haha.

Here's a screenshot/sneakpeak from my project :D The final video should be up before Wednesday.
Leo + Alpha (0;00;02;21)

While you're waiting for that video, you can always watch the video I made for my friend, Mary!

That time again: Finals week.

Posted on 2012.12.07 at 20:02
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My jam is: HUG - DBSK
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The good thing about going to an art school is that, for the most part, you don't have any actual exam for your finals week, so you don't really need to cram that much studying in.

The bad thing about going to an art school is that, instead of exams, you get huge projects for each of your classes that give a lot of room for overachievers and perfectionists to kill themselves.

The latter most definitely applies to me. :S

I could probably turn in my Compositing final as is. Same with my Sound Design and Scriptwriting finals. But.. I'm not satisfied.

So here I am, running on such little sleep it's ridiculous, staring at After Effects for however many hours with tears threatening to well in my eyes because my eyeballs are so damn dry.

So! Here's to overachieving and not settling for what isn't my best. I'm going to go work myself to death now -- just needed to get this out there lol.

Also, aiding my insanity is a bunch of throwback Japanese and Korean songs. The current one?


Hindsight is 20/20

Posted on 2012.12.07 at 04:19
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My jam is: Two Hearts - Daichi Miura
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Lately, I've been having a lot of conversations with my friends just about... life.

Riiiight, how much broader could you possibly get, Vi?

Alright, alright. So to be a little more specific, we've just been talking about college (for them, since I'm already in film school), future projects, dance careers, film careers, and one of the more prominent ones: being free.

When you dance, you're not supposed to be so confined in what you think you should be doing. Not what you think you should be doing nor what everyone around you is expecting from you. Just to clarify, it is called freestyle for a reason. 

Sometimes when I watch people dance, even myself, I'm like what are you doing? You know that thing you hear in the background? Yeah. The music. Well, that's not really supposed to be background music....

But this limit that we put on ourselves can be found everywhere, not just in dancers. When I write, sometimes I censor myself. Some of the first drafts I have of scripts I've written have characters thrown together just because I just needed to complete something and not because I actually wanted them in my script. And every time I do that, I always go back and try to fix it because the characters just don't feel right. My philosophy is this: if i cannot connect to my own character, how in the heck can I expect my audience to?

The reason why I've been thinking about this sense of expressing yourself and being completely free in doing so is because I look back at old stories I wrote six, seven years ago, some even more than that, and I realize how little I cared about what people would think of my stories and how much delight I found just writing about what I wanted to write about. Even though I feel like I was probably one of the most obnoxious and immature fangirls when I was active over at wFL Forums and feel_the_fat, at the same time I also feel like these were times where I was completely okay with everything about myself. I would literally stay up until 6AM talking to my friends about a CD or waiting for a Yahoo! Livetalk with my favorite band, w-inds.. Mind you, this was on a regular basis. I look at videos I edited three years ago and realize how much effort I put into things even though I basically had no idea what I was doing. I just did things. Because I wanted to. I wanted to so, so badly.

I made a tribute to w-inds. when I was 11 with - dare I say it? - windows movie maker. EWWW.
I had so many cuts that the program crashed on me every 5-10 minutes. And I'd wait patiently then reload it. Crazy...
In 2009, I decided to sub a drama called Ohitorisama. I did that without even knowing how to make subs. Wanna know how I made the first two or three episodes? Where most fansubbing groups knew about the existence of a program called Aegisub, I was unaware. So, 16 year old Vi decided to make the subs in NOTEPAD. WHO DOES THAT?! (Apparently me...) You know how I timed that crap?

I guessed.

After I made each edit to the time, I literally would open the file with .vlc player, play it to see if it worked, then adjust it (again, guessing) until it was to my liking. Then I'd do the next line.. and so on and so forth. I believe the Ohitorisama episodes were like 800 lines in Aegisub, too. 

I was insane. But I really wanted to make these things happen.
I wanted to get the Ohitori​sama subs out, so I spent like eleven hours on each episode.
I wanted to make w-inds. that tribute video, so I spent days putting it all together.

Yeah, I did everything the hard way, but I persevered.

So, why?

Why the heck am I having so much doubt in myself now?
Why is it that when I edit a video I get so worried about what people will think? That the people I go to school with will just talk behind my back saying I shouldn't be at film school, like many have already?
Why is it that when I dance, I worry about not being "good enough" and limit myself because my musicality isn't as good as the people around me or my technique isn't as polished?

And yet...

And yet, I know all of the answers.

You shouldn't doubt yourself, you've proven your worth so many times.
The people who matter don't feel that way. It's the same as someone who doesn't speak Japanese criticizing your subs and translations.
Are you kidding me? You just wrote a whole post about how dancing should be free. I need to shut up.

I get it, but I keep limiting myself. I keep letting worry grasp my mind.

"What I did isn't like that. My video isn't filmed or cut that way. My story doesn't read like that. My poem's about something completely different. My dance is to completely different parts of the music."

And then I look at myself in the mirror.

And I tell myself:

"But don't you get it, Vi?
How many people would sit in front of their computer for eleven hours timing and translating subs for a drama when they're not even getting paid for it? How many people would go to the park, mall, community center, or parking lot to practice for six hours just to get a performance ready because no one knows how to choreograph? How many people would edit the same section of a tribute video over and over because the program they were using kept crashing? How many people can show you multiple 50+ page stories they'd written?

But even though not many people did any of that, you did.

So how can you seriously expect your films to look like everyone else's or your stories or poems to read like theirs?

They're not supposed to.

You're supposed to have your own voice.

Being surrounded by such amazing people is supposed to help you push yourself more. Don't let it take the opposite effect. Don't let the devil mess with your head. He doesn't have any reign here. These are gifts that God has given you. And you can bet he gave them to you for a reason."

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